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Introducing: Keir and his new single ‘sadboy’.

Introducing: Keir and his new single ‘sadboy’.

Upcoming Bristol singer-songwriter Keir has followed up his earlier releases ('Squeeze Me' and ‘Night and Day’) with ‘sadboy’, a rebuttal to the expectation placed on men to be emotionless.

About writing the song, Keir said: “‘sadboy' is a way of me being able to celebrate emotions as a man which I am usually embarrassed about or look to suppress. Society teaches: ‘to be a man is to be emotionless’, certainly in Britain anyway. Many times, I have opted to delete, hide or somehow revert sadness, it is non-sensical; so ‘sadboy’ is me celebrating and expressing openness. Fuck these gender stereotypes. Be loving and talk to each other, never be embarrassed for the way you feel.”

Listen to ‘sadboy’ below…

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