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Listen: Florence + The Machine's new song 'Light Of Love'.

Listen: Florence + The Machine's new song 'Light Of Love'.

Ever since lyrics for unreleased Florence + The Machine song 'Light Of Love' were featured in Vincent Haycock's 2019 published book 'Don’t Go Blindly Into The Dark' (chronicling Florence and Vincent’s eight years of collaborating together), fans have been awaiting the track which didn't make the cut for 'High As Hope'.

Today, that patience is finally rewarded, with the song now available - and lyrically, rather fitting for these current times.

About the song, Florence says: "'Light Of Love' never made the record but I thought it would be nice to share it with the fans at this time of uncertainty, and could be a good way to raise awareness for the Intensive Care Society COVID-19 Fund. And to show my love, respect and admiration to all those working on the front line of this crisis. The song is about the world coming at you so fast and you feel like you won’t survive it, but in actually bearing witness to the world as it is, it’s really the only place you can be of service. I found so many ways to numb myself out, to hide from the world, and although waking up from that was painful, it’s never been more important not to look away, to keep an open heart even if it hurts, and to find ways to keep showing up for the people that need you. Even from a distance."

Listen to 'Light Of Love' below...

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