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A Camila Cabello x 'Familia' appreciation post.

A Camila Cabello x 'Familia' appreciation post.

Camila Cabello has just dropped her third album titled 'Familia' today. Cabello worked on the record over the last few years through the pandemic and the years that entailed. The album features singles such as 'Don't Go Yet', 'Bam Bam' which features Ed Sheeran, and 'Psychofreak' featuring Willow (which dropped today!).

So today, on the day of release, we are celebrating...

#1. The latest single from the album is titled 'Psychofreak' which features Willow, and the music video drops tonight!

#2. Another highlight of the record is hit song 'Bam Bam' featuring Ed Sheeran which she performed alongside Sheeran at 'Concert for Ukraine' in Birmingham recently.

#3. Cabello will performing live on Tik Tok where she will sing songs from 'Familia' for the first time ever. For all the info you need to tune in, check out the below...

#4. Camila got candid about her feelings on the paparazzi and body-positivity this past week which garnered support from a lot of her peers plus fans, and we think it's a must-read:

#5. Camila went on BBCR1 to talk all things the album and her dog (which she has an Instagram account for) - check out her very adorable dog below:

Camila Cabello's new album 'Familia' is out now - listen below:

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