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Glossier launches new range ‘Glossier Play’.

Glossier launches new range ‘Glossier Play’.

Glossier has been setting the precedent for start-up beauty brands since its launch, leading the charge in creating a holistic approach to beauty and proving that it is no longer only the product that sells - but also the look, the aesthetic, and the social media following that contribute to a brand’s success. Glossier has had both followers and sales into the millions with a remarkably small range of products ranging from lipsticks to blushes to highlights - all in muted and minimal colours.

Fans of the brand will be pleased to learn then of Glossier Play - a new sub-brand featuring both new products and new colours that vary greatly to the palette Glossier initially became famous for. The range was only teased a few weeks ago, and within an hour had already reached 50,000 followers.

The new products - including bright vinyl lip lacquer, liquid highlighter, coloured eye pencils and glitter - are designed, as with all of Glossier’s products, to be worn however you want, and are sure to not disappoint both existing fans, and those who are now tempted to try.

Since Glossier's inception they have attracted the attention of numerous celebrities, including pop sensation Troye Sivan, who has long been associated with the brand, and recently shared some photos from Glossier Play's new campaign.

Glossier uniquely encourages experimentation - both with their own branding method and with make-up application; this dynamic new range is sure to spark within everyone a creative fire - and, as the name would encourage - the desire to play.

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