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Must-listen: Baby Queen's new song 'Dover Beach'.

Must-listen: Baby Queen's new song 'Dover Beach'.

"If I could I'd cry, we've got incompatible star signs," reflects Baby Queen in her iridescent new song, 'Dover Beach' - a relatable ode to the limbo state of infatuation and being plagued by the Baader–Meinhof Phenomenon.

About her new song, Baby Queen says: "In school I was obsessed with this poem called 'Dover Beach' by Matthew Arnold and I always wanted to visit the Dover cliffs, so I went there alone on a writing trip in October last year. I actually wrote the melody and lyrics of this song while I was sitting on the beach. It's about being infatuated with somebody and seeing them everywhere you look. I was kind of pissed that I went to look at the beach, all I could think about was this person, hence the lyric 'you stole the view of Dover Beach.' It's another internal struggle with my own insecurities and a sort of acceptance of the fact that I can't escape my daydreams of this person, even if I go to a different place."

Watch the 'Dover Beach' music video below...

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