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Zendaya on the cover of Paper, June 2019.

Zendaya on the cover of Paper, June 2019.

Ahead of the upcoming release of HBO's new show 'Euphoria' (out on Neon on June 17th and airing on Sky's SoHo2 from 9:30pm on June 21st), Zendaya covers the latest issue of Paper magazine, as photographed by Isaac West, and styled by Law Roach in looks from the likes of Giambattista Valli, Emporio Armani, Valentino and Chanel.

On the plotlines of 'Euphoria': "The show to me is not that shocking. I know a lot of 17-year-olds that are going through this. We're not more shocking than things that have happened in Game of Thrones. What is shocking is that we're not used to seeing [young people's experiences portrayed] so viscerally and so honestly."

On preparing for her role by speaking to director Sam Levinson about his own life experiences (which the show is based on): "When you're tackling something like addiction, it's important to have someone there who has struggled with it, who can write and talk about it. There's only so much I can understand about it without going through it."

On her future career goals: "What kind of stories do I want to tell? What kind of opportunities can I give? How can I make the change, how can I add more voices? Am I going to want to direct, am I going to want to write it?"

Read the full interview here.

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