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This is an 'Agent Carter' appreciation post.

This is an 'Agent Carter' appreciation post.

Honestly, I love Marvel’s 'Agent Carter'. It’s genuinely my favourite new TV show of recent times, and I wish that Peggy Carter was my best friend. Aside from Black Widow, comic book derived films and TV-adaptations very obviously lack strong kick-ass female protagonists, so it’s a relief to finally see it being done right.

If you’re not already familiar with the show, there’s no time like the present to catch up via TVNZ OnDemand!

Here’s some reasons why you really ought to...

#1. Hayley Atwell is perfect as Peggy Carter, and she’s everything that TV needs right now. Atwell told Comic Book Resources that: "I think it's mainly the backdrop of this male-dominated world, where women are still in the workforce, unspoken for and struggling to find a place outside the home. That in itself is a backdrop for the drama, and it shows how far we've come. But it also shows that's where we started, and that's where the real battles were being fought in everyday life. So you've already got that alongside the actual missions she's going on -- poor Peggy. It creates a hell of a lot of drama for her in her life, but [it's] thrilling for an actress to play."

Also, look at how cute this is:

#2. Dominic Cooper (of 'An Education') plays Howard Stark - father of Tony Stark / Iron Man.

Bonus fact: That’s Stan Lee behind the above newspaper, FYI.

#3. Costume designer Giovanna Ottobre-Melton custom-made most of Peggy Carter’s 40s style outfits to accommodate the scripted action scenes.

Is anyone up for a 40s dress-up party?

I am forever coveting this hat:

#4. Remember Chad Michael Murray? <cough> 'One Tree Hill' <cough> Once a babe, always a babe. On 'Agent Carter', Murray plays S.S.R. agent Jack Thompson who he compares to Indiana Jones: "He's working his way up to become the head of the S.S.R. His goal in life is to just be great at his job. So he has a large chip on his shoulder, which gives him an attitude."

#5. In a recent interview for The Hollywood Reporter, show runner Michele Fazekas confirmed that there is still the potential for a second season!

Click HERE to read the full interview.

Click HERE to watch 'Agent Carter' now via TVNZ OnDemand!

Watch a trailer for 'Agent Carter' below...

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