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Troye Sivan announces new single, 'Bloom'.

Troye Sivan announces new single, 'Bloom'.

Troye Sivan has announced the follow-up to his single ‘My My My!’ will be coming this week in the form of ‘Bloom’ - and is set for release on May 2nd at 9pm PST, which translates to Thursday May 3rd at 4pm in NZ time (or 2pm Australian time).

In our interview with Troye, he said the following about ‘Bloom’:

CDM: You’ve said that a song on the album called ‘Bloom’ is “subversively queer”. How so?
TROYE: It just ended up being a little bit ironic. It sounds like a commercial viable pop song - it’s very, very pop. It feels almost like borderline bubblegum, a little bit. We had so much fun writing it. And then the lyrics – it’s one of the dirtiest songs on the album.

Watch a teaser for the song/music video(?) below…

P.S. Read our full interview with Troye here.

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