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Listen: Thomston's new song, 'Float'.

Listen: Thomston's new song, 'Float'.

Thomston has released a new single, 'Float' - as a follow-up to his collaboration with Australia’s Wafia, 'Window Seat', who he recently performed with at Vivid Festival in Sydney.

About the new song, Thomston says: "Float is about feeling responsible for damaging a fragile person. Someone who had never been in a relationship, someone with trust issues that won’t bounce back from a heartbreak in quite the same way as other people. It’s a person who has lived their entire life confined within the borders of a landlocked state being taken to the ocean for the first time and left on their own."

'Float' is lifted from Thomston’s forthcoming debut album which is due out later this year.

Listen to the new song below...

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