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HalfNoise - 'Know The Feeling' music video.

HalfNoise - 'Know The Feeling' music video.

HalfNoise’s Zac Farro has released a music video for new single, 'Know The Feeling’ - which is of a more upbeat and buoyant vibe than his past tracks, and an all-round rather pleasant surprise.

In an interview with Tonedeaf, Farro said about the new video: "The Know The Feeling video was a collaborative effort between myself, a few good friends, and director Aaron Joseph. When I initially showed my friends the music they said it made them feel as if they were hanging out with me. That was the main inspiration for the video. Using my car, my house plants, my instruments, and my friends we tried to create this world that sort of represented mine along with a storyline that pulls from the lyrical content. Hence the title, it’s meant to be all about the feeling."

Watch the 'Know The Feeling' music video below...

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