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CDM presents: HalfNoise announced as the opening act for Broods' 2015 NZ tour.

CDM presents: HalfNoise announced as the opening act for Broods' 2015 NZ tour.

HalfNoise has been announced as the opening act for the Broods' 2015 'Evergreen' tour.

Halfnoise is the solo project of ex-Paramore drummer Zac Farro, who previously impressed New Zealand audiences at Parachute 2013 with his new ambient sound.

Zac will be touring New Zealand alongside Broods in February with shows in Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, New Plymouth, Auckland and Hamilton.

Official info:

"International musician Zac Farro is the man behind Halfnoise. The group was created with kiwi friends after he visited here on holiday last summer "When I came to New Zealand I wanted to experience life somewhere other than Nashville, I wanted to know how my writing would change being in such an amazing and beautiful place. I knew the trip would be exciting, but I didn't know it would be as life changing for me as it was. The people I met and the places I visited/recorded were unlike any others I'd seen before, having toured for many years of my life I thought I had seen a lot".

Halfnoise is a name you can expect to hear a whole lot more of in 2015 and their first introduction to kiwi fans will be on the upcoming Broods 'Evergreen' tour. Zac says "I am so pumped to announce my first shows throughout New Zealand, with the legendary Broods. This year is going to be big and I'm so excited to play, so early on, the country that was the soundscape for my album. See you all soon". Halfnoise's album 'Volcano Crowe' is out this year!"

Check out the Halfnoise music video for 'Mountain', which was written and recorded here in New Zealand...

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