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From my brain to you: Thomas Headon.

From my brain to you: Thomas Headon.

"I wrote 'The Goodbye EP' over the course of a year or so," explains London-based (but Melbourne-raised) Thomas Headon about his latest release. "I'd just moved to a completely new environment and was in this time of meeting and seeing all these different people. A lot of the songs on this EP to me are a call for attention, whether that be from the girl I was into at the time, new friends or even myself. It's kinda just a diary of my interactions over the past year, while also following on from my last EP, 'The Greatest Hits', being that usually after that album everyone just has a goodbye album. So this is my goodbye album even though I'm not going anywhere. It's mysterious, kinda like everyone this EP is about. Is it you reading this? We don't know."

Having released two EPs last year, Headon is fast making a name for himself as a prolific artist. About being the epitome of a good and productive work ethic, he says: "Hahahaha I mean as much as I would love to claim that title, the truth is 99% of the time I have no clue what I'm doing - I have a great team around me who make sure things run smoothly. I enjoy making music a lot and enjoy releasing it even more; that's the extent of what I do. A lot of these records have been written over the past two years, they're both kinda an acclamation of songs that I've written about what's happened in my life over that period. Now I'm finally in a place where I can just spend some time writing new stuff which I'm excited for. Either way, appreciate the compliment. love u coup."

Reflecting on his favourite lyrics from 'The Goodbye EP', Headon celebrates his self-growth: "I mean I am insanely proud of myself for somehow managing to fit the lyrics 'likes to vibe' in a song. But probably on a more personal note, I like the chorus in 'I'm Finally Alone' which says, 'It's nice to talk to yourself, when all you do is talk to everyone else." That whole song is about me learning to process things happening and coming to the realisation I enjoy doing it alone. When writing it I just remember feeling like a huge sigh of relief. It's a bit lame but it just felt good to say something that I've had boiled up in me for a while y'know."

On what was running through his mind while writing fan-favourite song 'UrbanAngel1999'... "LMAO I dunno man it came out so fast. It felt so good though I've wanted to have a song like that for so long. The name UrbanAngel1999 was originally my friend's private Instagram username; I remember having what I wanted to say so clear in my head at the time but it was just on the tip of my tongue. The literal moment I saw her on my feed the whole song came out in like twenty minutes, so I basically used her username to talk about another person lmao. I love it when that quick songwriting happens though it just feels like a perfect release of creativity. Such a good feeling man."

Acknowledging the chaotic energy of the year past, Headon says of the most important life lesson he learnt in 2020: "Hahahaha I mean 2020 WAS QUITE the year. I would say, just don’t get excited about anything because something will always ruin it, but I think everyone's experienced that. Nah I actually think I’ve learnt a lot to value my friends this year. Keep in contact with people, tell them you love them, appreciate them, make plans with them, tell them you miss them, this 'n that y'know. I’ve realised the importance of that a lot this year. Who woulda thought.

And thinking towards the future, Headon says of his plans: "Spending the next few months writing as many songs as I can, probably making a third EP while doing that. Right now that’s all I wanna do, which is cool - very thankful that I can do just that. Other than that I’m back to Australia for summer because I can’t stand another full winter in the UK, andddddd I have to laundry today. They’re my plans."

Watch a live session from Thomas Headon and his band below...

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