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Thomas Headon releases new 'The Goodbye' EP.

Thomas Headon releases new 'The Goodbye' EP.

Following up his 'The Greatest Hits' EP from earlier this year, Thomas Headon has released his new 'The Goodbye' EP, featuring two previously unheard songs, 'I'm Finally Alone' and 'Cut And Bleach My Hair'.

About his new EP, Headon says: "I wrote 'The Goodbye EP' over the course of a year or so. I'd just moved to a completely new environment and was in this time of meeting and seeing all these different people. A lot of the songs on this EP to me are a call for attention, whether that be from the girl I was into at the time, new friends or even myself. It's kinda just a diary of my interactions over the past year, while also following on from my last EP 'The Greatest Hits' being that usually after that album everyone just has a goodbye album. So this is my goodbye album even though I'm not going anywhere, it's mysterious, kinda like everyone this EP is about. Is it you reading this? We don't know."

And about new song 'Cut And Bleach My Hair' he says: "'Cut And Bleach My Hair' is a song I wrote about relevance. I think it's easy to worry about being popular, whether you have an audience or not. I wrote this song at a weird point where I felt like I was losing connection with my fans, so the whole point of it is basically doing something really drastic, like cutting and bleaching your hair, to retain your relevance and popularity. I go through crises like this often, so doesn't surprise me if I write a similar song in future too. Is that sad? Probably, I don't know."

Stream the EP below...

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