Thomas Headon shares new song 'Focus'.

Thomas Headon shares new song 'Focus'.

Following up 'Loving You', Thomas Headon has shared a new song, 'Focus', in which he dissects the inattentiveness of a love interest and laments, "I just wish you would look at me."

About his new song, Headon says: "'Focus' to me is the closest I’m ever gonna get to explaining how much I wish I had the attention of the person I was into at the time. The song was written and made really quickly, which is good because I think I know I was being super honest with myself when writing it. I wrote it with a good friend of mine, Stephen Barnes, and at the time the sounds we were using were very different to what I’d done before. But now super glad the song has turned out the way it has, between the lyrics and the sounds it has this real confusing and contrasting vibe to it, it’s weird and it fits everything I’m making now perfectly."

Watch the 'Focus' music video below...

P.S. Read our latest interview with Thomas here.

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