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NZ: The Miltones - 'Pursed Lips' music video.

NZ: The Miltones - 'Pursed Lips' music video.

To celebrate the release of The Miltones’ debut album, the band have released a music video for ‘Pursed Lips’, which was filmed on location on frontwoman Milly Tabak’s family farm.

About the video, she says: “Pursed Lips was our opportunity to share our personality as a band, where we come from, and our relationship with music and those who share in the experience with us. The idea to shoot Pursed Lips at our Wildfire single came to all of us: We could include the amazing souls who dedicate time to help the band pursue music. It really was our way to show people that The Miltones is a beautiful community of friends and family. I've never viewed us as just a band - the video also reflects this through its honest and light-hearted feel.”

Watch the ‘Pursed Lips’ music video below…

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