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Matty Healy speaks out against paid meet & greets.

Matty Healy speaks out against paid meet & greets.

The 1975's Matty Healy has taken to Twitter to take a stand against musicians who charge their fans for meet and greets. The concept has become popularised and normalised over recent years, where musicians - small and large alike - will only meet certain fans who pay extra money for a quick photo and a hug. Healy berated musicians and their labels, shouting: ‘DON’T ONLY MEET THEM IF YOU’RE GETTING PAYED HONESTLY WHAT ARE YOU DOING’. 

He raises an interesting point, that it is sort of monetising human connections, and creating an atmosphere where only the rich are able to meet their favourite artists. Read his tweets below:

Years & Year's Olly Alexander also had some thoughts:

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