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Must-listen: SCORS share new 'Punting' EP.

Must-listen: SCORS share new 'Punting' EP.

"We laze down this river, punting, giving it a go and seeing what sticks," say South East London-based band SCORS of their magnificent new EP, 'Punting', which follows a recent rework with Clairo of The Strokes' track 'I'll Try Anything Once', and includes highlights such as the evocative 'Forgetting How To Speak' and nostalgic 'Perpetuated Waltz'.

About their EP, the band (who are frequent tour mates of Declan McKenna) say:

"This thing we did before: They say art reflects life. Then that means this is the harsh reluctant sensibility of post-adolescence. Why we didn’t call 'Punting' this, is another story.

Punting is a selection of older songs that reflect a era of constant change; Conceived at a time where life began to feel consistently uncertain. Through the boredom of bag life to the beckoning glove of boat life we eventually found our feet and bring you this record.

In hindsight of this project, an obscure proverb by the great Charlorcha Kabucci comes to mind: ‘There is always a darker underlying body looming, uniting us all. Only rearing it’s greedy face once the lid is fastened upon your jar.’ This EP was the first time we tried to do things properly and in doing so we learnt a lot. Making it was like feeling, for the first time, we were facing the right direction.

Working with many talented and charming collaborators and muses; producer Zach Nahome and club owner Smooth Jazz to name but a few. Believing in us when things looked impossible gave us the growth we needed.

We laze down this river, Punting, giving it a go and seeing what sticks."

Listen to the EP below...

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