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Ruel releases new song 'as long as you care' + announces 'Bright Lights, Red Eyes' EP.

Ruel releases new song 'as long as you care' + announces 'Bright Lights, Red Eyes' EP.

Ruel has returned today with a brand new song, 'as long as you care', along with the announcement of a new EP, 'Bright Lights, Red Eyes', scheduled for release next month on October 23rd.

About his new EP, which was written in Paris last year, Ruel says: "I want to get across that this project is another step forward in maturity for me. FREE TIME was a step up from READY, and this BRIGHT LIGHTS, RED EYES EP is a step up again. This project was a stream of consciousness when I was writing it at the time, and I feel like that’s the way all projects and songs are for me. They are moments in time. This project isn’t who I am right now, as I wrote these songs last year, but it’s the most mature you’ve ever heard me and it was me, in that moment in time. The songs I’m writing now will be more mature again, and I love that my fans can come on this journey with me as I grow."

Ruel has also today announced RuelVision - a 24-hour online television network which launches on Tuesday, September 15th, with more information to come.

And is still working on his debut album: "It's a lot more layered, I want each project to have more meaning and purpose. I want to reflect on something important in my life, and give across a message that if people are feeling the same way that I am, it's okay."

Watch the 'as long as you care' music video below...

P.S. Read our latest interview with Ruel here.

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