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Introducing: Hong Kong Boyfriend + his new single 'Tiramisu'.

Introducing: Hong Kong Boyfriend + his new single 'Tiramisu'.

Hong Kong Boyfriend - real name Rob Sanders - has released a new song 'Tiramisu' as the follow-up to his debut song, 'Cold Waters', which sees his musical inspirations of Bon Iver and Frank Ocean fully realised.

Born in Japan and raised in San Francisco's Bay Area, Hong Kong Boyfriend (named after a girl he was interested in who had a long-distance boyfriend in Hong Kong) turned his classical music training into his own project after spending time online, learning to meld R&B, folk, and alternative through the likes of Logic and Garageband.

In a statement about becoming an artist, he shares: “Growing up there were practically no musicians who looked like me. Because of that, there were a lot of stories being left untold…. I hope my work can expand the possibilities of being an Asian-American."

Watch the 'Tiramisu' music video below...

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