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Here's why you need to go to Laneway Festival 2023.

Here's why you need to go to Laneway Festival 2023.

It's finally back! Laneway Festival 2023 marks the return of the beloved Auckland music festival and we couldn't be more excited - the line-up includes the likes of Haim, Joji, Phoebe Bridgers + so many more. To tide us over until January, we've decided to round up five reasons why we think you need to attend to the festival...

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#1. The line up - this will be your only chance to see Haim, Phoebe Bridgers, and Joji live in New Zealand next year, so make sure to get in quickly.

#2. Laneway Festival is being held at Albert Park in Auckland Central - which is an amazing venue with loads of grass, trees and space to keep everyone's spirits high during the day.

#3. Excitingly, this will be the first year of Laneway Festival since 2020 (which means it will be three whole years by the time we enter Laneway again)!

#4. One of the best parts about Laneway is it is held during the summertime - which means most times (if not all years), it is amazing weather! There is also thirst-quenching drinks and delicious foods available throughout the festival. 

#5. Laneway Festival is held every year on Auckland Anniversary day - so you know you already have the day off, why not go along?

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