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Watch: K. Flay - 'High Enough' music video.

Watch: K. Flay - 'High Enough' music video.

K. Flay just released the music video her new single, 'High Enough' - which is the second single off of her new album, 'Every Where Is Some Where'. The music video follows an odd couple who constantly switch from arguing to dancing, while K. Flay sings about not needing drugs or alcohol to appreciate a moment. 

On the lyrics to 'High Enough'"There [sic] are so many songs out there about getting f—ed up. I think a part of me was asking the question: ‘What if I’m already high enough? What if I don’t need anything but what I’ve got?’ There are many moments in my life—whether it’s because of a person or a place—that I don’t want to feel altered or high or buzzed. I just want to feel exactly what I’m feeling."

Check out the music video below...

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