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Listen: Hayley Williams' new song 'Why We Ever'.

Listen: Hayley Williams' new song 'Why We Ever'.

Hayley Williams has shared an introspective new song 'Why We Ever', which sees her contemplating and remembering the past, singing in the first verse, "I try to replicate our movements in my mind."

About the making of the song, Williams shared: "in Dec 2018, i bought protools, an interface, and some speakers and decided to learn something new. these moments are from my first go at it (we’re talking out of time/phase/tune... etc!)... i was at the lowest point i’d been in some time. my sadness shows. now i look back and credit this night as being the beginning of a new season of my life, where i hold myself accountable for learning to love better. i’ve let myself down a lot in love. this was the start of recognizing bad patterns and acknowledging that i’m ready to grow out of them."

Watch the lyric video for 'Why We Ever' below...

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