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Halsey's 'Badlands' is...back?

Halsey's 'Badlands' is...back?

Halsey's debut album 'Badlands' is coming up on its five year anniversary on August 28th... and she seems to be teasing something to do with it...

It began three days ago when Halsey appeared to be heading out on a road trip, captioning an Instagram post with the lyrics to 'Drive' - "All We Do Is Drive."

She's followed up that first post with additional lyric posts, "there’s no use cryin about it" ('Castle'), and "we don’t feel like outsiders at all" ('New Americana'), and has tagged her locations along the way - starting out in Sedona, Arizona, before heading to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and most recently Marfa, Texas, and New Orleans.

The Badlands Twitter account has also come back with an update from the visitor centre, which reads:

We regret to inform you that all Badlands Parks will be closed until further notice due to a security breach. We assure you the situation is under survillenace.
Please stay inside your compounds until 8/28.
Remember, Badlands authorities know best!
Farewell, to our gracious citizens.
Marlin Grand, Director of Badlands Parks and Rec

Notably, all the underlined letters in the letter spell out: T H E Y L I E T O U S

And now further developments have unfolded:

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