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Haim - 'Man From The Magazine' music video.

Haim - 'Man From The Magazine' music video.

Haim have shared a music video for 'Man From The Magazine', a highlight from their latest album 'Women In Music Pt. III' - which sees Danielle Haim singing the song while serving a number of men at Canter's Deli.

About the song and video, the band say:

"It was filmed the day we shot the cover for WIMPIII at canters deli in Hollywood. Paul came up with the idea after hearing the whole record and we both felt strongly that this song in particular needed a visual!! so I put on a mic and sang it live in the middle of the deli.

This song had been in the works for a while. it started out as a joke between us when journalists asked us questions that were an eye roll (do u make the same faces in bed as you do on stage? Do you actually play on your albums??🙃🙃🙃) later on down the line we found ourselves singing the line, “man from the big rock music magazine, what did you say???” to each other as an inside joke between the three of us. It made us laugh and helped us move on from the annoying “what does it feel like to be a woman in music” questions we were getting on tour. Then sometime in late 2018, we were sitting around going over some “what the fuck” moments from our 11 years of being a band and kept coming back to that “man from the magazine” line. We decided to explore our feelings about *that question* and our experience dealing with some of the fuckery in this industry - specifically being called “difficult” or, more bluntly “a cunt” for sticking up for ourselves, our work, and our vision. There are many many MANY more verses to this song but the ones that made it onto WIMPIII were the ones that stuck. maybe we’ll release the longer version sometime in the future?????"

Watch the 'Man From The Magazine' music video below...

P.S. Read our latest interview with Haim here.

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