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Listen: Charli XCX + Sky Ferreira’s collab ‘Cross You Out’.

Listen: Charli XCX + Sky Ferreira’s collab ‘Cross You Out’.

Ahead of her album ‘Charli’ due out on September 13th, Charli XCX has shared another song, this time seeing her collaborate with Sky Ferreira on ‘Cross You Out’.

About the collaboration, Charli shared on her Instagram saying, “We are an ICONIC duo tbh. No but seriously, Sky, I’m so happy this collaboration has happened. I’ve always been a fan of your music/your vision. You are unique and brilliant and even though the music we make separately is sonically quite different, I feel like we sort of came up together in some senses (remember that next level V mag cover & all the mice peeing on the givenchy!!). This song means a lot to me, for me it’s about leaving some pretty traumatic people from my past behind me. It feels euphoric that this song is about to be out in the world so soon.”

Listen to the new song below…

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