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Calpurnia release debut single 'City Boy'.

Calpurnia release debut single 'City Boy'.

'Stranger Things' actor Finn Wolfhard told us last year about his band Calpurnia, and now, they've released their debut single, 'City Boy', with an accompanying 'day in the studio-life' music video.

About the video, the band says: "This video is a look into a day in the studio working on our record with Cadien, filmed and edited by our now great buddy Josiah Marshall. Hopefully this video can convey how much fun this whole experience was for all of us, and that this music is really just the product of a bunch of friends who love music coming together to create something. We also want to thank Jason Bartell for creating the character you see here in this video, and who you might see more of soon. Lastly, thank you to Martin McPherson for making our video so much more colourful with his animation. This truly has been a team effort, and there is no team of truly talented individuals we'd rather be working with."

Watch the 'City Boy' music video below...

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