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5 reasons to love BurgerFuel’s Gourmet Minis.

5 reasons to love BurgerFuel’s Gourmet Minis.

If you’re like us, then BurgerFuel is one of your favourite burger places in New Zealand - and rightly so, with loads of different flavours to tantalise any tastebuds (plus loads of vegetarian and vegan options), their burgers reign supreme.

A product of theirs you might not be familiar with is the Gourmet Mini range - four mini versions of burgers which we’re obsessed with.

Check out our five reasons to love them below (and when you get to the bottom, you have your own chance to win some)...

#1. The minis are, as you’d expect, smaller than your average BurgerFuel burger - but still manage to pack in just as many delicious ingredients and flavour into their smaller portion. It’s the perfect size for a lunchtime treat!

#2. The smaller size means that you’ve got enough room to definitely order sides with your meal - and there’s no denying the greatness of their classic Spud Fries, served with free range aioli of course.


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#3. The Combustion Tofu is not only a delicious vegetarian option, it can be made vegan just by removing the aioli! The smashed avocado and peanut sauce adds a heck load of flavour to the tofu, making it a go-to order.

#4. The whole pineapple on pizza debate has been well and truly done - but the Chook Royale brings pineapple to a burger! Combining their free range chicken with pineapple might be highly contested, but trust us, try it and you won’t look back.

#5. For the beef lover, there are two different mini options for you! You can go with the Hamburgini, which satiates any pickle-lover after a smaller portion, or else the Bambina, which is more your classic beef + salad burger (and we recommend listening to Vampire Weekend’s new song ‘Bambina’ while eating it).


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Click here to learn more about BurgerFuel’s Gourmet Mini range.

P.S. We’ve got some vouchers to give away so you can try one for yourself - click here to enter.

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