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Billie Eilish - 'Everything I Wanted' music video.

Billie Eilish - 'Everything I Wanted' music video.

"Finneas is my brother and my best friend. No matter the circumstance, we always have and always will be there for each other," reads the opening title to Billie Eilish's latest self-directed music video for 'Everything I Wanted', which also stars her brother Finneas as the pair drive a car straight into the ocean.

About the video, Billie shares: "My brother and I wrote this song about each other and I wanted to create a visual that emphasizes that no matter what, we’ll be there for each other through everything. This is the second video I’ve directed of mine. We worked so hard, for hours and hours on end. I love it, I hope you do too.”

Watch the 'Everything I Wanted' music video below...

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