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Review: Kérastase x Aura Botanica.

Review: Kérastase x Aura Botanica.

Kérastase have recently come out with a new natural haircare line, ‘Aura Botanica’. Kérastase have recently dedicated themselves to sourcing sustainable, highly effective and concentrated actives free of sulfates, parabens, and all silicones - so they’re overall amazing for your hair!

Concentré Essentiel - Oil Blend

A soft way to give your hair that boost. It can be used in many different ways - either as a leave-in, applied to ends of hair, or applied post-shower. 

Soin Fondamental - Moisturizing Conditioner

The key to detangling your hair while nourishing and moisturising. The product instantly melts into your hair leaving it feeling fresh and silky.

Essence D’Éclat - Moisturizing Oil-Mist

An oil mist that pairs with the ‘Concentré Essentiel’ oil blend for an easy on the go way to boost the softness and shine of your hair. 

Bain Micellaire - Aromatic Shampoo

A cleansing shampoo that smells so great you want to eat it. It pairs greatly with the ‘Soin Fondamental’ moisturizing conditioner, making it a great smelling and super moisturizing duo.

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