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Alison Sudol - 'Escape The Blade' music video.

Alison Sudol - 'Escape The Blade' music video.

Alison Sudol has shared a music video for 'Escape The Blade' - the second song to receive music video treatment from her new 'Moon' EP, which is her first solo EP under her own name (following her past releases as A Fine Frenzy).

About the video, Sudol says: "We filmed this video in stolen moments during the 2016 IUCN World Congress in Hawaii, which I had the honor of MCing, as well as interviewing environmental legends like @janegoodallinst , EO Wilson and Sylvia Earle… it was an unforgettable experience, overwhelming at times, but powerful. Winding our way through the lush island landscape, with the voices of those wise elders in our ears, the need to protect the planet felt visceral, urgent… Hawaii is so fragrant, so surreal under that thick cloud cover, so alive- I could feel the breeze in my bones, the rustle of the thick tropical leaves under my skin…the stars felt so close, almost touchable.  I could feel nature breathing into me. I really needed that, at that time in my life – you can probably hear that in the song… I hope you can feel it to, as you watch it. Thank you so much to Bust for the premiere, and to the IUCN for their support in this, and for all the beautiful and necessary work they are doing in the world to protect our home.
With love, ali."

Watch the 'Escape The Blade' music video below, as well as a video for 'Moon'...

P.S. Read our latest interview with Sudol here about 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald'.

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