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Years & Years' Olly Alexander x GQ.

Years & Years' Olly Alexander x GQ.

Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander poses in this new shoot for GQ magazine, in support of the band's brand new single 'Sanctify', which is accompanied by an interesting interview with Alexander about self-care and intersectionality.

On oppression and privilege: "I think we have made amazing strides in so many ways and we can be super happy about that, but it would be delusional to think that everything's fine. It's also because the LGBT community is so diverse, so intersectional, and I think people outside of the community forget that. But people within the community forget it, too. We don't actually reach equality unless everybody has equality, but if you're used to privilege, true equality feels like oppression. Unfortunately, we're white gay dudes, and we are a minority, and we have our own systems of oppression, but we're also at the top of the privilege tree. I think there's a lot of imbalance there. I'm always gonna support my siblings in the community, but it does make me really sad to see how much racism, sexism, and transphobia that exists from within, and I think there are lots and lots of reasons for that, but we just can't really lose sight of the fact that we're all fighting similar battles."

Read the full interview here.

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