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Must-listen: Wolf Alice's new song 'Smile'.

Must-listen: Wolf Alice's new song 'Smile'.

"Don't call me mad there's a difference I am angry / And your choice to call me cute has offended me / I have power there are people who depend on me / And even you have time you wish to spend on me," asserts Wolf Alice frontman Ellie Rowsell on new song, 'Smile' - the second single from the band's upcoming 'Blue Weekend' album out June 11th.

About the new song, Rowsell says: "This is one of the songs we wrote thinking that we would play it live. I miss that feeling of singing on stage. It’s like screaming into a pillow or something — you can get away with being more nasty. There’s a whole other part of me missing."

Watch the music video for 'Smile' below...

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