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Troye Sivan on the cover of Attitude Magazine, June 2018.

Troye Sivan features on the cover of Attitude Magazine’s June issue, in a series of edgy black-and-white photos photographed by Damon Baker.

About the darker side of dating as a gay teenager, Sivan explained: "When I see photos of myself, from when I was that age, and I think of the guys that I was meeting up with and talking to, I think: ‘Wow, I looked really, really young.’ [It makes me feel] Kind of a little bit creeped-out, but at the same time I really don’t have any regrets. Maybe I wasn’t ever truly scared, just really uncomfortable."

About a song on his upcoming album called ’17’, he continued: "There's actually a song about it on the album called '17'... Originally the chorus of the song was 'Here he comes / like he just walked out of a dream / doesn't care that you're 17'. And I was like 'uh, that sounds a bit predatory', and maybe it was a little bit. That's what I mean, it's like, I'm not looking back at those experiences in a negative or a positive light."

Check out the rest of the shoot below…

[ Source: Attitude Magazine ]