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Mini Mansions release 'Flashbacks' B-Sides tracklist.

Mini Mansions release 'Flashbacks' B-Sides tracklist.

Counting down to their upcoming 'Flashbacks: A Collection Of B-Sides From The Great Pretenders' independent release this September, Mini Mansions have now unveiled its tracklisting, consisting of nine brand new unreleased/unheard B-Sides.

This is wild.

Nine brand new MM songs!

Via their Pledge Music page, the band say:

"Thanks to everyone who has pledged already! We really appreciate the support. We wanted to give you an update and share the track listing for ‘FLASHBACKS: A Collection of B-Sides From The Great Pretenders’. Just to clarify, this a new release featuring all unreleased/unheard B-Sides. So without further ado…..

1. Drive
2. Bored To Death
3. Ticket For One
4. Ticket For Two
5. Fiona
6. Shape Recorder
7. Valet
8. Little Al Capone
9. Shadow

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Watch the music video for 'Fiona' below...

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