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Lorde covers 'Teen Vogue' magazine, May 14.

Lorde covers 'Teen Vogue' magazine, May 14.

Lorde is the cover star for Teen Vogue's May 2014 issue - and what's better is that Gregory Harris photographed the shoot and he's from New Zealand too!

Lorde on watching 'Girls': "I finally watched Girls a couple of days ago and I loved it," she says. "I tweeted Lena Dunham and she was like, 'You're the dream audience.' I really appreciated that. I was like, 'ahh!'"

Lorde on Social Media: "I like Twitter because it's a good direct link to people. You just reach out to someone you like and say, 'Follow me please, and then we can talk,'" she says. "I really like Instagram as well. It's a good one, very simple. I'm also on Facebook and Tumblr."

Lorde on her family's singing abilities: "Everyone in my family sings and I think that's awesome. My sister [India Yelich-O'Connor] has gotten a really good response," she says. "I'm happy for her."

Lorde on her musical moniker: "I wanted a name that had something to do with aristocracy," Lorde says of her music moniker. "And then I wrote the word and linked it. I liked the weird juxtaposition between it being masculine and tough sounding with a soft, feminine feel in the end."

Lorde on the industry: "There are a lot of expectations in this industry about looking a certain way and having a certain kind of appeal," she says. "I am feminine, but I really love dressing in boys' clothes too. I guess that's why I get labeled as 'the grumpy girl,' because I don't play into that."

Lorde on her success: "Living in New Zealand, you don't get these experiences. I spent so much time in my room before," she admits. "My life is so wild right now. For me to be able to do something I really enjoy and for that to get me out in the world—to South America, to here, to London—every day I kick myself, I'm so lucky."

Lorde on Hilary Duff attending her show: "Hilary Duff? Are you freaking serious? Hilary Duff was there last night? This is what dreams are made of! Was she vibing it? Was she bobbing her head?… That's my childhood right there. Hilary Duff is a fan—that freaks me out!"

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