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Introducing: Phoebe Ryan.

Introducing: Phoebe Ryan.

Phoebe Ryan is poised to be one of the biggest stars of the year, if her first two offerings are anything to go by. But her bubblegum-indie pop is not where her story begins.

Ryan auditioned for Season 8 of American Idol, that was the one which Adam Lambert came runner-up, getting a golden ticket (that means she got through to bootcamp, if you're not familar with the terminology of the now redundant show).

She was also part of the pretty great Brooklyn-based band Town Hall who released their first and last (the band are on a permanent hiatus, according to their Facebook page) album in 2012. Check out the group's cover of R. Kelly 'Text Me'.

If you thought her voice was familiar you might have heard her dulcet tones on this great dance track from Tritonal all the way back in 2013.

Fast-forward to last month, when heads turned for her mashup of R. Kelly's cult classic 'Ignition' and Miguel's 'Do You...' - it kind of broke the internet. Phoebe is obviously a huge R.Kelly fan! It's backed by the instrumental from Kesha's should-be-hit 'Animal', the title track from her debut album, and it's great. The arrangement is perfect and the track has racked up over 250,000 plays on Soundcloud alone.

Normally when someone "breaks out" with a cover there's a hefty wait between that and the first proper, original release, but a week later and we are introduced to 'Mine'. The now L.A. based singer-songwriter has honed in her craft and put out a record that is truly incredible. 'Mine' will remain one of the best debuts of 2015 and you can check it out in all it's glory below!

Follow Phoebe on Twitter and like her Facebook page for updates!

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