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Introducing: Kloe.

Introducing: Kloe.

In case you didn't know, Glasgow is a city in Scotland that has produced some pretty good pop music over the past couple of years - namely in the form of two of our favourite bands, Chvrches and Prides.

Its next international-ready pop offering is 18 year old Kloe who with a little help from Lewis from Prides has already put up two brilliant examples of why she could be the next greatest popstar on the planet.

First up there's 'Grip' and when a debut single is this good you know big things are bound to happen eventually.

And just last week she dropped her sensational follow up single 'Feel' which somehow manages to smash 'Grip' out of the park.

As synth-pop goes, this is definitely some of the best out there. Just like any teenager, Kloe has an active presence on social media so she's well worth a follow on Twitter and Instagram, and like her on Facebook too to keep up to date with all things going on with the rising star.

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