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Foxes on her upcoming 'Doctor Who' guest-appearance.

Foxes on her upcoming 'Doctor Who' guest-appearance.

UK singer-songwriter Foxes (real name, Louise Rose Allen) has revealed how she got cast on the upcoming 'Doctor Who' Series 8 episode, 'Mummy On The Orient Express', in an interview with 'The Mirror'.

About the guest-appearance, Foxes said:

"I still can't believe I'm going to be in Doctor Who. I'm playing a singer - but she's not me. I has to wear a wig and everything. It was really weird to be on set with such amazing actors like Peter [Capaldi] and Jenna [Coleman]. I do love Doctor Who - it's such an iconic show and I very much grew up with it.

"They treated me so well - Jenna [Coleman] is absolutely lovely and she really took me under her wing while I was there. I think she is amazingly talented too - I watched her in awe. We will definitely stay in touch.

"Peter Capaldi watched as I performed my song - and then came over to say he really liked my music. I just thought 'Oh my God, Doctor Who likes my music'. It's mad.

“I only got the part because the production crew were at one of my shows and I got talking to them. They asked if I would do and I said, 'Yes! It's Doctor Who!’.”

Foxes also confirmed that she will be performing a song from her debut album, 'Glorious', in the 'Doctor Who' episode.

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[ Source: The Mirror ]

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