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Florence + The Machine on the cover of NME magazine, June 2015.

Florence + The Machine on the cover of NME magazine, June 2015.

With her new album, 'How Big How Blue How Beautiful', now out, Florence + The Machine is featured on the cover of the new issue of NME magazine.

On tour-life vs. normal life: "When you come off tour… it’s hard to know what you like. You’re this big, like (spreads her arms wide like goddess-Florence), but then that’s not here, in this house. I was trying to figure it out, like, do I like partying? I’ll just do that loads. Do I wanna have a relationship? That’s not working either! What is it? What am I looking for? I had to contend with my own feelings for the first time. I couldn’t just be swept away and do a gig. Gigs have this magic thing of absolving. As long as you did a good gig, no matter what’s happened, no matter what’s going on in your personal life, it’s such an exorcism for me that it just resets everything."

On Nick Cave being an inspiration: "He said something really interesting that I thought about at the beginning of the record: ‘I am Nick Cave, and I cannot be what I was. And I think there’s something quite liberating about the boundaries between reality and stage and the borders being open – it’s quite freeing, I think. I am perhaps a bit more feral and chaotic than something (adopts classically Florence drama pose) you hold quite poised. I still love a gown, don’t get me wrong, I still like capes, but there’s something I’ve come to, that perhaps I feel a bit more… comfortable."

Click here to read the interview. Definitely make the time to! It’s probably my favourite from this album’s press cycle so far.

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