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Alex Turner discusses songwriting with Josh Homme on 'The Alligator Hour'.

Alex Turner (now also apparently boasting the titles of ‘origami teacher, hand model and international monopoly champion’) recently appeared on Josh Homme's Apple Music Beats 1 radio show, ‘The Alligator Hour’, to discuss songwriting - proving that even musicians rely on their phones to jot things down.

In the interview, Alex revealed some of his phone notes, with highlights including “John Lennon as a TV chef” and “it’s my headache.” Josh’s notes also held some pretty creative ideas including “put glass in front of everything”, “glasshole” and the word “cockalorum”. 

Alex also divulged his fears about someone finding draft songs after a thief once nabbed his stuff: “I had a bag stolen once with my notebook in it and that did horrify me. Even songs that are finished and get recorded, I still feel self-conscious lyrically. The idea that the drafts exist makes me uncomfortable.”

Check out the full interview by clicking HERE (Alex comes in around the 30 minute mark).

Check out a video of Josh joining Arctic Monkeys for a live performance of 'Knee Socks' below...