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Tegan And Sara - 'That Girl' music video.

Tegan And Sara - 'That Girl' music video.

Tegan And Sara have released a music video for 'That Girl' which features behind-the-scenes tour footage, and is their tenth and final clip from 'Love You To Death'.

About the new video, T&S say:

"For the video for That Girl, our 10th and final video from LY2D, we brought director allister ann out with us on the road in Canada and the US to capture a behind the scenes look at our life on tour.

This year has been incredible. We have nothing but love and gratitude for our amazing fans. Our time on the road this year reminded us again just how lucky we are to do what we do, and how proud we are of the community of fans that are drawn to what we create.

We hope you have enjoyed all 10 videos as much as we have! I will be doing a Facebook Live chat at 10am PST today, so come ask me all the questions you've been wanting to ask all year!

xoxo TRQ"

Watch the 'That Girl' music video below...

P.S. T&S are returning to New Zealand next year! Click here for more info about the Auckland show.

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