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5 very important reasons why you need to attend the 'reputation' tour.

5 very important reasons why you need to attend the 'reputation' tour.

Because today is a very special day, in that Taylor Swift has announced that she’ll return to New Zealand next year with her ‘reputation’ stadium tour (playing Mt Smart Stadium on November 9th), we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of reasons why you should be attending the tour.

Without further ado, here are the reasons…

#1. You get to see ‘Getaway Car’ live.

No, not this car. The song!

#2. ‘Getaway Car’ was written and produced solely by Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff (the dream team who previously made the likes of ‘Out Of The Woods’ and ‘I Wish You Would’). And it’s a song you can hear live if you attend the tour.

Yup, these guys.

#3. ‘Getaway Car’. Live. Do I really need to say more?

#4. One more time for those in the back, you get to SEE and HEAR ‘Getaway Car’, live! Honestly, you don’t need any other reason to attend because that song is a pure 10/10.

#5. Did we mention? - ‘Getaway Car’ will be heard. In a live setting. It’s going to be epic. We're hoping for a dramatic car exit during the outro of the song on tour.

Taylor Swift will play Auckland's Mt Smart Stadium on Friday, November 9th. Click here for more info.

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