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Introducing: Sofía Valdés + her debut single 'Little Did I Know'.

Introducing: Sofía Valdés + her debut single 'Little Did I Know'.

Panamanian singer/songwriter Sofía Valdés makes her debut with 'Little Did I Know' - her rueful vocals accompanied by a dreamy soundtrack which belie the true depths of the song. "I wrote 'Little Did I Know' coming out of a really dark place," says Valdés. "The song is about a very close person In my life that I am not close to anymore. I’m able to reflect on the past and be relieved I got out of a toxic situation with a toxic person before things got worse."

Now twenty, Valdés first picked up a guitar at the age of eight, and while growing up, began learning English by listening to pop music.

With her debut EP, 'Ventura', on the way, Valdés says: "The deeper I get into working on my music, the more I realise how much it’s connected to the music that people in my family were making a long time ago. On the EP it’s in little things like the movement of the drums, but I want to explore that even more from now on."

And on the power of self-acceptance: "When I first went to the U.S., I realised that people saw me as different, and I started doing things like dyeing my hair blonde to try to fit in. I was scared about people finding out where I was from, but then one day I just stopped and said, ‘This makes no sense.’ Now I want everyone to know that my culture is amazing and that I’m so proud of it, and that everyone else should be proud of their culture too."

Watch the 'Little Did I Know' music video below...

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