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The Paramore songs we're most excited to see live.

The Paramore songs we're most excited to see live.

In just a few months, Paramore are returning to New Zealand for the first time in five years! The band will be performing at Spark Arena on Saturday, November 18th - with Remi Wolf opening. 

To prepare for November, here are five songs we're most excited to see live...

#1. 'Misery Business' is an absolute classic and definitely a fan-favourite to see live as Paramore get fans up on stage to sing with them. 

#2. We're so glad Paramore decided to leave their houses so we can get to see 'This Is Why' live. 

#3. The last few years have definitely been 'Hard Times' for everyone so this will be a very cathartic experience. 

#4. Despite being released over 10 years ago, Paramore only recently debuted 'All I Wanted' live. We're crossing our fingers they'll decide to add this to their New Zealand setlist. 

#5. 'Running Out Of Time' is one of our favourites from the new album and we're sure it's going to be just as great live. 

Bonus song! At a recent performance, frontwoman Hayley Williams dropped her microphone during 'The Only Exception' and the crowd sang the rest. We cannot wait to experience this song live.

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