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Songs we’re excited to see at Paramore’s NZ show next month.

Songs we’re excited to see at Paramore’s NZ show next month.

To celebrate Paramore’s impending visit to New Zealand (they play Auckland’s Spark Arena on February 13th), we’ve put together a list of which songs we can’t wait to experience live.

But first, here’s some official tour info:

“Paramore’s fifth studio album was recorded at Nashville’s historic RCA Studio A – also their first time recording in their beloved hometown. Produced by Justin Meldal-Johnsen (M83, Jimmy Eat World, Beck) and Paramore’s own Taylor York, After Laughter signalled the return of founding member Zac Farro to the band. Featuring the hugely successful singles ‘Hard Times’ – which has had over 50 million views of its colourfully playful video which Billboard declared “addictive” – and ‘Told You So’ which saw over 7 million views in its first two weeks alone.

Long regarded as an exhilarating live act with a non-stop show led by the fearless Hayley Williams, with Taylor York on guitar and Zac Farro back on drums, Paramore are a bona fide juggernaut, selling over 6 million albums and leaving a trail of sold-out headline arena tours in their wake. They have sold out iconic venues around the world including Madison Square Garden and Wembley Arena, and performed show-stealing headline festival sets at the likes of Reading and Leeds Festivals, Riot Fest and their own four-day festival cruise Parahoy!.

With Tour Four hitting Auckland’ Spark Arena in February this will be Paramore’s first headline show Down Under since their last tour in February 2014.”

And here are five songs we’re excited to see live on Tour Four:

#1. ‘Rose-Colored Boy’ - it’s one of our ‘After Laughter’ favourites, and just generally one of our favourite songs of 2017 - so we’re counting down the days until we see it live.

#2. ’26’ - one of the most heartbreaking songs on the album, Paramore’s Tiny Desk Session of the song showcases it even more - watch it below:

#3. ‘Everywhere’ (Fleetwood Mac cover) - we’re hoping that this one will still be a part of the set when they come to New Zealand next year, as it’s truly one of the best Paramore covers ever. Watch it below:

#4. ‘Caught In The Middle’ - it’s another highlight from the band’s new album. In an interview, Taylor York said the following about the song:  “There was a lot of darkness writing this record. I had to get away and so I went to the beach in Florida. I drove seven hours. I was gone for two days and I came back more depressed than when I left. I was like, “Man, I shouldn’t have gone alone.” I just had my guitar and I remember writing that riff. That song was actually the first song we recorded on the record.”

#5. ‘Misery Business’ - during the performance of this song on the tour (and previous tours), the band’s Hayley Williams always brings a fan on-stage to perform with them - watch one from a few months ago below…

Tickets to Paramore’s NZ tour are on sale now - click here to purchase.

Watch the ‘Fake Happy’ music video below…

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