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Listen: Wells* shares new EP 'Tape 3'.

Listen: Wells* shares new EP 'Tape 3'.

New Zealander Wells* has shared his 'Tape 3' EP, the final instalment following up 'Tape 1' and 'Tape 2' from the past two years.

About the new EP, he shares: “This EP was the moment I said ‘No love songs!’ because everything I had released before 'Depressed' was a love song and I wanted to challenge myself to be more insular and process different emotions, which feel less universal to me. Specifically this EP became about my depression.”

The EP's closer 'Feel Something' sees Wells* wanting to embrace emotions head-on, sharing about the song: “The phase of desperation I went through, willing to feel anything other than how I was if it meant for a moment I wouldn't be depressed. I am particularly proud of the metaphor in the chorus ‘I’m looking up but I get the sun in my eyes’ because that really is how it feels to have hope when you feel like how I felt. It's a little defeatist but still holds the most hope out of anything else on TAPE 3."

Listen to the 'Tape 3' EP below...

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