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Introducing: Scott Cleary’s musical project And That + his new EP ‘This’.

New Zealand native Scott Cleary has just released his debut EP ‘This’ under his new project name, And That - which features a music video for the lead single ‘Somewhere’, directed by his friend and collaborator Zac Farro (of HALFNOISE and Paramore).

About ‘Somewhere’, he says: "'Somewhere' is in essence about finding the sweet spot in a relationship. The balance between a lover and a friend. My wife was making fun of me for never writing a song about her - So I figured I'd start - What came of it was the songs that make up the "This" EP. Overall, I wanted it to feel care-free and uncomplicated - Love and relationships aren't always easy, but when they are it just feels good. This kind of became the mantra for the EP as a whole - Easy, care-free, uncomplicated.”

Watch the ‘Somewhere’ music video below…