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Listen: Benee’s new single, ‘Find An Island’.

Listen: Benee’s new single, ‘Find An Island’.

Benee is back! After releasing her ‘Fire On Marzz’ debut EP earlier this year, the New Zealander is continuing her winning streak with latest single ‘Find An Island’, ahead of her upcoming American tour, plus dates supporting Conan Gray.

About the song, Benee told us: “The song is about a tiny little argument I had with my guitar player Tia! We had some weird little bicker, and you know when you’re having a petty argument with a friend you don’t want to swear at them or put them down or anything, but I was like, ‘What would I say?’ It’d be like, ‘Find an island, go somewhere else,’ when you’re in an argument and you don’t want to be there, you kind of just want them to get lost; but you wouldn’t say that because they’re your best friend.”

Listen to ‘Find An Island’ below…

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