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Nintendo announces new 'Little Friends: Dogs & Cats' game for the Switch.

Feeling reminiscent of childhood days spent screaming dog names and commands into the microphone of your bulky old Nintendo (and no doubt annoying your parents and everyone around you)? Want all the fun of having a pet without the commitment of actually having to shovel up their mess? Or even just get in some practice before you eventually become a crazy cat lady? 

Well fear not, childhood classic ‘Nintendogs’ is getting a reboot for the Switch! ‘Little Friends: Dogs + Cats’ was released in Japan last year, and is set to arrive in Europe and America this spring - so get ready to pet, walk and dress up your new digital friends to your hearts content. 

The game features everything you miss from the originals, plus new locations, dog and cat breeds, and even more space to keep pets in your ‘hotel’ - meaning you can adopt even more, yay!