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Rebecca Black shares new songs 'Self Sabotage' and 'Closer'.

Rebecca Black shares new songs 'Self Sabotage' and 'Closer'.

After sharing a number of singles last year in the form of 'Sweetheart', 'Do You?', and 'Anyway', Rebecca Black has now shared a double-single release with 'Self Sabotage' and 'Closer'.

The former, 'Self Sabotage', sees Black exploring an inner turmoil ("I know that I'm hard to love," she acknowledges in the second verse), and the latter works as a companion song, with a more optimistic and hopeful tone.

About the two new songs, Black says: “'Self Sabotage' is a song I have held so close to my heart from the day I wrote it with Nathaniel Motte and Prince DCF. It touches on a side of myself I have always known but had such a hard time writing about because it is so real. Nobody wants to admit that they do things, unconsciously or not, to tear themselves down because in some strange way, there is comfort in that. I wanted these two songs to be released together because not only were they written back to back but 'Closer', written by myself, Paris Carney, and Micah Jasper, shines a hopeful light at the end of the tunnel of how we might self sabotage. Everyday is a new opportunity to get closer to getting out of those detrimental habits. I hope this song gives someone some sort of relief that it can happen for them too.”

Listen to the two songs below...

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